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Foreign Market Entry and Diversification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Outside Market Entry and Diversification - Essay Example Investment in the accommodation business is proposed as the proper expansion goal for the organization as contained in this conversation. This report features the subtleties of directing an expansion plan for the business into a generally related business line, attributable to the development status of the standard business. Avocation As represented, moving from the vehicle portfolio into the neighborliness segment as proposed for reasons for business coinciding as far as progression of activities exhibits the rationale behind the proposition. Considering the tasks standing and status in the American market combined with the current development aspirations over the outskirts, the friendliness business seems to help development as envisioned. The job of business complementarity for the two portfolios is for motivations behind absorbing danger presentation and gives sustaining to the creating industry in an immediate variant (Lawton and Weaver, 2009). Because of the requests of another business line of activities concerning abroad nearness as a drawn out expansion idea, giving the nexus in cooperative energies of related business in the complementarity idea forecasts well with development possibilities. Similitudes of the movement business and neighborliness business as far as administrations required for both private and business bundles give cooperative energies in business activities. Abusing the idea of chances benefited by the accommodation business to the movement part offered by the movement organization line of current activities present upward directions in development projections (Borein, Rowe and Smith 2002). As an outline, guests into the City of New York require convenience, dinners, diversion and relaxation items that have generally started from other neighborliness organizations with which the organization accomplices. Cordiality part involves wandering into property proprietorship over the world’s target urban areas in America, Europe, Midd le East and Africa just as Asia Pacific to help the plan of action. Turning out property possession drives the expansion segment into a drawn out thought, aside from a couple of New York City pilot venture contemplations. Broadening of the neighborliness and travel office parts will require a few years and broad property statistical surveying over the world. The principal remote market for passage with the new model as pondered is India, due to the energetic monetary and the travel industry development combined with moderately reasonable property exchanges. India as a developing economy on the planet today gives superb regard for financial specialists that gave a worthwhile chance to business travel for the huge business region. The centrality of India for Asian markets stretching out to the Pacific area will encourage future enhancement of the vehicle segment into the ocean and extravagance travel part including yacht and journey transport acclaimed as focal provincial business lin es. Development upheld in the lively economy will encourage passage into Middle East and Africa as other conceivably valuable chances (Lovelock && Wirtz, 2009). True to form in specific markets to give a chance to a solitary usefulness, section with one segment will likewise frame some portion of the extension and broadening system. As an illustrati

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Ship Breaking Industries of Bangladesh free essay sample

The marine condition of the waterfront water is crucial to humankind on a worldwide just as on nearby premise concerning vitality. Man is turning into a predominant piece of the biological system in numerous districts, because of his different employments of the marine condition. So the soundness of marine biological system is a significant factor in man own reality. The Bay of Bengal which is a potential bode of marine life just as for it’s tremendous beach front networks is currently consistently contaminated by various sorts of poison through flood of land base and different sources and put a disturbing sign of mindfulness about contamination in the ocean. The waterfront zones of Chittagong Support a complex trophic association continue a high biodiversity including some endemic species and are exceptionally vulnerable to impedance from exercises. Beach front environment makes a feasible job especially to waterfront angling networks. Boat breaking yards along the bank of Chittagong (Faujdarhat to Kumira) has become a fundamental significance in the full scale and miniaturized scale monetary setting of destitution stricken Bangladesh. Shipbreaking exercises present both test and open door for waterfront zone the board in comprehensive way. The historical backdrop of boat breaking is as about old as shipbuilding. As we realize that a boat is moderately a huge vessel equipped for working in the profound sea. The term ‘vessels’ applies to the vessels of more than 5000 tons and that can explore in untamed oceans. In Bangladesh transport breaking is prominently known as ‘Beaching’. Boat breaking began as a business in Bangladesh in 1972. Preceding that, 2/3 boats were rejected during Pakistan period. It began consequently when a 20000 DWT vessel was drive shorewards by the overwhelming tidal bore of 1965. That was the main boat rejected on the 2 Chittagong ocean sea shore. At present, transport breaking is led in a region of around 10 km by 32 out of 110 boat Breaking yards from Bhatiari, Sonaichhari, kumira under the Sitakunda upazilla of Chittagong. The Department of Environment (DoE) has ordered the Ship Breaking Industry (SBI) as ‘Red’ in 1995(EIA rules for the Industries, 1997). The Environmental Impact appraisal (EIA) isn't directed before the foundation of SBI. As there is no checking cell, the Shipyard proprietors are working their business overwhelmingly just as aimlessly. They are less cognizant about perils, harmfulness and natural contamination while progressively cognizant about their advantage. Squanders of the rejected boats are released legitimately into its contiguous regions which are at last depleting into the Bay of Bengal. These squanders particularly oil and slick substances, PCBs, TBTs, PAHs and so forth and various sorts of follow and substantial metals (Cd, Pb, and Hg) are being collected into the marine biota. Therefore, marine fisheries decent variety of the Chittagong coast that bolsters profoundly enhanced marine water fishes, mollusks and benthic creatures and so forth is at the stake directly right now. Besides the Coastal occupants/fisher people lead their jobs as well as exclusively rely upon the seaside assets for their protein source. The CPUE (Catch Per Unit exertion) has radically been diminished to the greater part nearly of a couple of decades back. As an outcome, the beach front fisher people are at the stake of their reality. They are either leaving their innate calling or relocating to different places and turning out to be ‘environmental refugees’. That is the reason their financial status is underneath the neediness level. There are hardly any investigations was done to discover the linkage between Ship breaking movement (SBA) and the marine contamination, sway on fisheries biodiversity and employments of the anglers network. In those looks into, specialists considered Bhatiary to Kumira as influenced territory and Sandwip Island as control zone from the shipbreaking action. The eastern side of Sandwip has been considered as control site on the grounds that these are askew inverse and off the SBYs and the water and soil characteristics are evidently liberated from contaminations as uncovered from the previous investigations. From the past examination we found that follow metals fixation in residue at shipbreaking zone are such a great amount of higher than proposal by GESAMP (Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution). Yet, the analysts found that Sandwip which is altogether very lower than that of dregs at influenced territory. The estimations of Lead (Pb), Cadmium(Cd) and Mercury(Hg) discovered six and half; eight and half and ninety four times higher than that of affirmed esteems separately. These could be credited to the joined impacts of oil and oil spillage, oil hydrocarbons from ships, big haulers, automated pontoons and so forth. During the examination all the analyst discovered water characteristics, for example, Hydrogen Ion H Concentration (p ), Dissolve Oxygen (D. O), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B. O. D), Chemical Oxygen Demand (C. O. D), Total Suspended Solid (TSS), Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), Oil and Ammonia (NH3) were thought as a higher incentive in influenced region than control territory as indicated by the standard estimation of water quality for the seaside water of Bangladesh (EQS, 1991). All the parameters watched such a higher, that they surpassed the estimation of EQS. Yet, the water parameters in Sandwip channel were ideal and close to the estimation of EQS standard. Water characteristics in influenced territory surpassed the EQS standard which uncovers that the water body of the contiguous zone of boat breaking yards isn't appropriate for the presence of verdure. The higher fixation was because of the release of different reject oils and slick substances, colors, synthetics, iron pieces, different sorts of metal rusts, solids, colors, disintegration of soil dust and so on from the boat breaking yards. Toxins are likewise released from the Sitakunda modern territory into the run-off open to the Bay. Effect of Marine Biodiversity: Biodiversity, which is sort for organic decent variety, is the term used to portray the entire assortment of life on earth. In famous utilization, the word biodiversity is frequently used to portray all the species living in a specific region. Biodiversity can be summed up as â€Å"Life on earth. † It is characterized as â€Å" The assortments of life on earth at all its levels, from qualities to biological system, and the natural and developmental procedures that continue it. † The complete biodiversity of a zone can be separated into two various leveled segments: the quantity of practical sorts of living beings (creatures and plants) or environments (timberland, prairie, tundra and marine intertidal) and the quantity of practically comparable living beings inside each useful kind. There are three sorts of viewpoints to biodiversity: species assorted variety, hereditary decent variety and environment assorted variety. Every one of the three cooperate and change after some time and all around. Phytoplankton is the essential food makers of the amphibian environment and assumes a significant job in the evolved way of life. Phytoplankton is the best file of the natural efficiency. Examination of phytoplankton demonstrated that during storm, Aanabaena , Clostratrum(10. 98%) and Coscinodiscus(21. 97%), Euglena (9. 89%) and Zygnema (30. 76%) and during post storm Coscinodiscus (97. 5%) and Euglena (2. 5%) commanded in the influenced site. In the control site of Sandwip, these were overwhelmed as 30. 41%, 19. 46%; 17. 03%; 9. 73%; 23. 35% in the storm and 94. 73% and 5. 26% individually in the post rainstorm. All through the examination time frame the plenitude of phytoplankton at influenced site was 91 cells/l in rainstorm season and 80 cells/l in post storm season and in control site it was 411 cells/l in rainstorm season and 190 cells/l in post storm season. Floating little skimming creatures, in the water body are all in all known as zooplankton on which the entire oceanic life depends straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. As zooplankton is exceptionally touchy to ideal condition, so the beach front contamination because of boat breaking exercises may have significant effects on its endurance and event. Examination of zooplankton demonstrated that Calanoida, Cyclopedia, Sagitta, Lucifer and so on in the rainstorm and Calanoida; Acetes shrimp; Lucifer and Zoea in the post storm were commanded in the influenced site as uncovered during zooplankton investigation though in the control site the predominant zooplankton were found as Calanoida, Cylpclpedia, Sagitta and Zoea during the post rainstorm and Calanoida; Acetes shrimp, Lucifer, Cladocera and Zoea in the post storm separately. The base living creatures â€the benthos assume a significant job in the natural pecking order particularly in the entomb tidal zone and it is additionally all around perceived that the most extravagant fisheries of the world are firmly identified with the benthic networks. Among the large scale benthos, Amphipods, Polychaetes, Nemertina and Fish egg in the rainstorm and Nemertina, Cladocera, Cyclopoida and Calanoida were seen as commanded at the influenced site. Be that as it may, at the control site, Amphipod, Polychaete, Nemertina, Fish egg during the rainstorm and Cladocera, Nemertina , Calanoida and Polychaete in the post storm were ruled So, the wealth of full scale benthos in influenced site was 118. 46 ind. /m3 in storm season and 4186. 74 ind. /m3 in post storm season, while in the control site 368. 28 ind. /m3 in rainstorm season and 14204. 41 ind. /m3 in post storm season. The fishery assets of the region is by all accounts influenced by the boat breaking exercises as uncovered by expanded angling endeavors, decreased species assorted variety, expanded measure of junk fish. Even extension of the boat breaking yards has presented danger not exclusively to the broadened waterfront assets yet additionally on the adjoining beach front occupants extraordinarily the fisher people. The angling villas of this investigation were discovered in reverse in the field of essential training and wellbeing that are the fundamental requirements for them. Correspondence and drinking water gracefully were watched good yet the sanitation status was seen as poor.

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Mentorships Accelerate For Biz Majors

Mentorships Accelerate For Biz Majors by: Alison Damast on March 16, 2018 | 0 Comments Comments 347 Views March 16, 2018Students outside the Villanova School of Business, which has recently launched a mentoring program connecting current students with alums. Courtesy photoKatherine Connor, executive director of career development at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds Schools of Business, is somewhat of a mentorship guru in the management education world. Since she started her school’s thriving mentorship program for undergraduate business students in 2009, she has fielded phone calls from more than a dozen schools who sought to start their own mentorship programs including MIT, the University of Michigan, and Arizona State University. These schools and others have looked to her for advice because Leeds has crafted a seamless mentorship experience that starts for many students from the moment they set foot in school, Connor says.â€Å"We tell them from day one this is something you do while you’re here. It’s part of the experience,† Connor tells PoetsQuants.Freshman who sign up are connected with an upper class student mentor their first year of school. Sophomores then move onto the Young Alumni Mentors program, where the school matches them with a recent Leeds graduate now in the workforce. By their third year of school, they are paired with a more experienced professional who guides them, often virtually, through the job and internship process their junior and senior year. By the time they graduate, about 75% of Leeds students have had a mentor as part of their college experience. The mentors and mentees gather together every spring for the school’s annual mentoring celebration, where many get to meet face-to-face for the first time.â€Å"It is kind of a huge love-fest,† Connor explains. â€Å"So many of our mentors stay connected with students, help them during their first year on the job, and eve n go to their weddings.†BUSINESS SCHOOLS NOW MAKING UP ONE-THIRD OF CHRONUS ACADEMIC CUSTOMERSMentorship programs are having a renaissance of sorts at undergraduate business programs and universities all over the country. Leeds’ program, which uses Chronus mentorship matching software to pair students with mentors, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary next year, but many other business schools are just getting their mentorship programs off the ground. In the last few years, the Arizona State Universitys W. P. Carey School of Business, Villanova University’s School of Business, and the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration have launched their own programs.   Administrators at these B-schools are looking for new and innovative ways to connect students with their alums, something that a well-designed and easily scalable mentorship program can easily deliver on, Connor says.A growing number of schools are using mentorship softwar e programs such like Chronus, which uses a matching algorithm called â€Å"MatchIQ to automate recommendations for mentorship matches based on users’ profiles and interest, making it easer than ever before for business schools to start these programs. The software allows universities to adapt easily to trends in the mentorship world, such as the recent rise of flash mentoring, where students use the mentorship software to arrange one-time meet-and-greets or interviews with a prospective mentor.Administrators at these schools say they are already seeing results in terms of higher alumni engagement and, anecdotally, evidence of improved career outcomes for students.This doesn’t surprise Chronus CEO Seena Mortazavi, who says business schools now make up about one-third of the company’s academic customers. The company has recently seen an uptick in business programs signing up to use the software, particularly international business programs. â€Å"Mentoring is be coming a key pillar for universities that are looking to give their students an edge in career placement,† Mortazavi confirms.HUNDREDS OF VILLANOVA BIZ MAJORS PARTICIPATING IN PROGRAMVillanova has matched up more than 850 pairs of mentors since first piloting its mentorship program in January of 2014. The school officially rolled out its mentorship program in February of 2016, with 150 sophomores signing up for the first year. Enrollment has grown every year as word of the program has spread, with 250 sophomores participating in the program this year, says Michele Gianforcaro, assistant director of professional development at Villanova’s Charles and James V. O Donnell Center for Professional Development. Villanova also uses Chronus software to pair sophomores with alumni mentors in one-to-one relationships that run through graduation. Alumni have been eager to participate in the program, and the school has secured over 1,000 alumni volunteer mentors for the programs, ra nging from the class of 1962 to 2015, Gianforcaro explains. According to Gianforcaro, the school does not track career outcomes for students with mentors, but participants tell her mentors give them targeted career guidance that helps them land internships quicker and stand out from the crowd.â€Å"I think students are landing in the right job sooner or staying away from the wrong jobs because of their mentoring relationships,† Gianforcaro explains. â€Å"Students love that they have a personal confidant, a mentor that they can go to on faith and say, I’m not really sure what I want to do.’ Our alumni are excited to get involved too. They tell us all the time, ‘I wish I had a program like this when I was in college.’†For the first time this year, Villanova introduced a new â€Å"Flash Mentoring† track, which allows students to access Villanova’s database to pick a volunteer alum and reach out to them for a one-time meeting. Over 300 alumni have volunteered to serve as â€Å"flash mentors† for students, Gianforcaro says, and many juniors and seniors are taking advantage of this new offering as they embark on their job search. †Flash mentoring is very much on trend with millennials,† she says. â€Å"It’s an added benefit for students who want to opt in and get more experience with alumni.†ARIZONA STATES CAREY SCHOOL INTEGRATING MENTORING INTO CLASSROOMGrowth has come fast and furious to the undergraduate mentoring program at Arizona States’s W. P. Carey School, started at the bequest of Dean Amy Hillman in 2014. Hillman wanted to find a way for undergraduates to reach out to and meet professionals outside of the school, as well as give alums a chance to reconnect with their alma mater, explains Jennifer Shick, the assistant director of student engagement and the mentorship program at the Carey School.There were about 50 students who signed up for the program in 2014, b ut participation has steadily grown as word of the program has spread. This past fall, 596 students signed up, Shick says. Like Leeds and Villanova, the school uses Chronus software to manage the program and their own flash mentoring.The school is trying to boost student participation by bringing the mentorship program into the classroom. Carey has a required career development course for juniors, and, for the first time this year, offered the mentorship program to students as an extra credit option. Of the 1,500 students in the class, 300 signed up and agreed to write reflections on their mentorship experience as well as complete the milestones required by the program. By the end of the school year, however, only 47 students followed through and received the extra credit.â€Å"It was a disappointing drop off, but I still think one of the ways to get students at the school involved in a mentorship relationship is to tie it into academics,† says Shick, who plans to introduce t he mentorship program next year into other classes juniors take at the school. â€Å"We can hold this out as something they can do to move forward in their career goals and make sure they are in the right industry.†FROM MENTEE TO MENTORThe University of Pittsburgh launched its Pitt Business Mentoring Match program this year, using the mentoring platform Xinspire to help match up students with alums. To date, 200 students, ranging from freshman to seniors, have signed up for a mentor, and 400 alums from all over the country have agreed to be a mentor, Audrey Murrell, the associate dean of the College of Business Administration, says. The program’s rollout has been a big success and plans are underway to grow the program to accommodate even more students and mentors, Murrell explains.â€Å"A good problem to have would be more demand than we can accommodate,† Murrell continues. â€Å"You can’t show the return on investment in mentoring relationships, but yo u can make a good case for the power of mentoring relationships. They give students a safe place to talk about things they are concerned about and it gives us an unexpected resources to make sure we are doing all we can to support student.†Mentorship programs can shape students’ college experience in unexpected ways. Rachel Wilcox, a business student at the Leeds School, signed up for her school’s Peer2Peer mentoring program her freshman year, and had such a positive experience that she continued on with the school’s Young Alumni mentoring program as a sophomore this year. Wilcox was matched with Monica Agsam, an accountant from Ernst Young in New York City. Agsam has helped Wilcox hone in on her major (operations and finance), fine tune her career goals, and connected her with friends who work in the finance world. Wilcox plans to continue with the school’s Professional Mentorship program next year as a junior and hopes to serve as a peer mentor n ext year to freshman and eventually serve as an alumni mentor after she graduates from Leeds.â€Å"My mentor this year has helped me more than anyone else with figuring out what major I want to do and narrow down what I think is best for me,† Wilcox says. â€Å"My mentors were so amazing that if I can give back and do something for another freshman, like my mentor did for me, I will be so happy.†DONT MISS: FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORE RECRUITING ON THE RISE or B-SCHOOLS WITH THE BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE Page 1 of 11

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What Is Computer Programming

Programming is a creative process that instructs a computer on how to do a task. Hollywood has helped instill an image of programmers as uber techies who can sit down at a computer and break any password in seconds. The reality is far less interesting. So Programming Is Boring?   Computers do what they are told, and their instructions come in the form of programs written by humans. Many knowledgeable computer programmers write source code that can be read by humans but not by computers. In many cases, that source code is compiled to translate the source code into machine code, which can be read by computers but not by humans. These compiled computer programming languages include: Visual BasicDelphiCC  C#CobolFortranObjective-CSwiftPascalPython Some programming does not need to be compiled separately. Rather, it is composed of a just-in-time process on the computer for which it is running. These programs are called interpreted programs. Popular interpreted computer programming languages include: JavascriptPerlPHPPostscriptPythonRuby Programming languages each require knowledge of their rules and vocabulary. Learning a new programming language is similar to learning a new spoken language. What Do Programs Do? Fundamentally programs manipulate numbers and text. These are the building blocks of all programs. Programming languages let you use them in different ways by using numbers and text and storing data on disk for later retrieval. These numbers and text are called variables, and they can be handled singly or in structured collections. In C, a variable can be used to count numbers. A  struct  variable in code can hold payroll details for an employee such as: NameSalaryCompany Id NumberTotal Tax PaidSSN A database can hold millions of these records and fetch them rapidly. Programs Are Written for Operating Systems Each computer has an operating system, which is itself a program. The programs that run on that computer must be compatible with its operating system. Popular operating systems include:   WindowsLinuxMacOSUnixAndroid Before Java, programs had to be customized for each operating system. A program that ran on a Linux computer could not run on a Windows computer or a Mac. With Java, it is possible to write a program once and then run it everywhere as it is compiled to a common code called bytecode, which is then interpreted. Each operating system has a Java interpreter written for it and knows how to interpret bytecode.   Much computer programming occurs to update existing applications and operating systems. Programs use features provided by the operating system and when those change, the programs must change. Sharing Programming Code Many programmers write software as a creative outlet. The web is full of websites with source code developed by amateur programmers who do it for fun and are happy to share their code. Linux started this way when Linus Torvalds shared code he had written. The intellectual effort in writing a medium-sized program is comparable to writing a book, except you never need to debug a book. Computer programmers find joy in discovering new ways to make something happen or in solving a particularly thorny problem.

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Should Prostitution Be Legal - 1911 Words

Legalizing Prostitution When it comes to the topic of legalizing prostitution, some of us will readily agree that it is the oldest profession that involves money rather than the historic hunter and gather. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of the safety of the man or woman selling their body for financial gain. Though I concede that prostitution can be dangerous, I still insist that legalizing prostitution would not only benefit the men and women involved, it would also be a financial gain to the government. Prostitution is the oldest profession, and it isn’t going away any time soon. We have legalized gambling, marijuana and tobacco but the fair trade of sex for money still remains something that is frowned upon. Instead of looking at prostitution as inhumane, it should be looked at as a service industry where two consenting adults exchange money for pleasure. Making prostitution legal would allow the sexual favor to be managed rather than ignored. Legalizing prostitution could save money for the government in many ways. There would be fewer court cases, and law enforcement could focus on gang related issues, instead of arresting prostitutes, holding them in jail, only to release them back to the streets. It is a never ending cycle because it is not legal. It is true, there are millions of sexually exploited women and men who are involved in prostitution that are treated like animals by their pimps and often times their own customers.Show MoreRelatedShould Prostitution Be Legal? Essay1145 Words   |  5 PagesShould prostitution be legal? Prostitution has been around for decades. Since 1780 BC the legalization of prostitution has been a controversial topic. Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.† Prostitution. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2016. Many claim that is one of the oldest professions. If this is one of the oldest professions why is it still illegal? So many people have different opinions on the issueRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal1695 Words   |  7 Pagesthat prostitution will exist no matter what because men will always degrade women, and women, in turn, can do the same to men, even though these moral aspects are not connected with the legalization process, mostly depending on moral qualities of the society members, and not on a position on prostitution. Thus, the essay will try to prove why prostitution should not be legal with the help of analysis of the articles of the well-known scientists. While feminist theory represents prostitution as aRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal?1236 Words   |  5 Pagesmajority of people believe prostitution should stay illegal, claiming that the legalization of prostitution will only make the chances of getting an STD even higher, an increase in rape rates, and will also add to the growth of human trafficking. Although this could be the case, there have been many studies that tell a different story. Currently, Nevada has allowed prostitution in 11 of its counties with much success. There can be many benefits from the legalization of prostitution in the states. LegalizingRead MoreProstitution: It Should Be Legal 1431 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, prostitution is defined as â€Å"the work of a prostitute: the act of having sex in exchange for money† (cite). Underneath this definition is one that follows as, â€Å"the use of a skill or ability in a way that is not appropriate or respectableâ €  (cite). Prostitution is a pressing matter in the United States and, as one can assume after reading the second definition given, implicated negatively throughout society. Many view this topic in an undesirable mannerRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal? Essay1261 Words   |  6 PagesProstitution has existed in history since before most people can remember. In our time, prostitution is hotly debated as to whether it should be a professional working job, or whether it is immoral and oppressive to women. This debate has existed since the dawn of time, and there is still no clear answer. Society demands that police should stop certain illicit activities from happening in their neighborhoods, but should law enforcement be made to waste their time and effort to arrest those thatRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal?1157 Words   |  5 PagesLegalizing Prostitution in Brothels Throughout America When someone says prostitution, the first couple things that probably come to mind are grimy girls that have ruined their lives with drugs sitting on a couch cracked out with a man they just met. Prostitutes are looked at as whores who cannot sustain a real career so they are forced to sell their bodies for sex. The prostitution industry is essentially just like any other service industry. The worker charges his or her customer for a serviceRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal?1440 Words   |  6 PagesCanadian legal system stands prostitution. Prostitution by definition is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. Prostitution in our legal system can be dated back to the 18th century, this was the first Canadian statute to acknowledge prostitution. Prostitution in this time was handled by three legal approaches, regulation, prohibition and lastly rehabilitation. It is believed that because of these three legal approaches that is why prost itution is stillRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal?1057 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"A human body is a temple; we should love it and respect it.† How often have we come across those people who sell their bodies, so-called temples and have been termed as â€Å"prostitutes?† Prostitution can be defined as the profession of getting involved in sexual activity with someone and to get paid back in return. Sex and sex-related issues have always been the matter to be hidden, and the civilized people are considered to be not speaking about it at all. Despite the fact, none can escape it ourRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal?1150 Words   |  5 Pagesgroup of friends. The question is: Should prostitution be legal? My question is: Why shouldn’t it? By all means I respect the opinion that having sex for money is completely illegal in most states but what about stripping? Stripping is completely legal and paid for lap dances aren’t the only advancement allowed. Strippers are allowed to receive payment to have sexual encounters within the establishment and it is completely legal. Protection for working women should exist across the board, not justRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legal?1371 Words   |  6 PagesKayla Beaty College Success Professor Jernigan 02/04/2015 Prositution in the U.S For my paper I chose the topic â€Å"Prostitution In the U.S† I picked this topic because I feel as if there’s a lot to discuss about the subject itself. Prostitution in my eyes, should be illegal in all parts of America. I feel as if the crime itself is degrading not only to women, but the families of those involved that choose to commit these acts. My personal opinion, going more into detail is that I grew up viewing

Prostitution Through the Functionalism Essay Example For Students

Prostitution Through the Functionalism Essay Throughout America and the entire world, prostitution flourishes rapidly. Prostitution is another never ending war like abortion, which society feels is immoral. This immorality leads functionalists, who apply functionalism to this social problem, on a chase to figure out why prostitution is what it is today. Functionalism is the best theory for looking at prostitution. It allows us to see how prostitution changes along with other aspects of society. Some ask why prostitution spreads like a wildfire through our cities and streets. This is an easy question for functionalists, prostitution flourishes because it satisfies sexual needs that are not able to be met elsewhere(Henslin 51). Prostitutes almost seem to serve as an outlet for sexually frustrated men. When a man is unable to find a partner he always holds the option of paying for sexual pleasure. A functionalist, Kingsley Davis, concluded that prostitutes provide a sexual outlet for men who: have difficulty in establishing sexual relationships, cannot find long-term partners, have a broken relationship, want sexual gratification that is defined as immoral, desire quick sexual gratification without attachment, are curious, and are sexually dissatisfied in marriage. From this it is shown that by meeting such needs prostitution functions as a form of social control over sexual behavior. This is beneficial because it brings men with sexual desires away from unwilling partners to partners that are willing but for a certain price. This undoubtedly helps bring down the number of rapes and sexual assault for any given society. Also it brings in trashy hookers or prostitutes that seem to degrade any given city or society. The functionalist theory is the best way to view prostitution through a sociological perspective. Functionalists see prostitution as a means of controlling or channeling sexual behaviors (Henslin 53). Prostitutes meet the needs of men who otherwise do not have women always available to them. Also it meets the needs of a man because it is inexpensive, non emotional and a fleeting relationship. Through looking at prostitution we see that it persists because it serves social functions. This works by servicing people who are sexually frustrated. Prostitutes relieve pressures that otherwise might be placed on people who are unwilling to participate. Without the aid from prostitutes stimulating the un-stimulated, there might be other social problems that become bigger issues such as, rape sexual assault, kidnap and many more. Functionalism allows seeing each function that prostitution serves in a society. Since prostitution serves as a function in a bigger problem there are a couple different strategic ways of tackling this social problem. The first way is the most obvious and that would be to legalize prostitution. Legalizing prostitution would have a couple of impacts on society. Much the same as it is today men would be satisfied for a price, but that is better than men trying to get satisfaction from the unwilling. Second the government could tax the business just as it would any other business in the United States. Third the women or prostitutes could have actual jobs instead of having to watch and run from the police as they work their job. Though this seems as a good solution, it may back fire. With this being such a major social problem it is hard to make it seem OK to the larger society. If prostitution was legalized it would allow more poorly dressed women to be roaming the streets. Which then leads to lower class males swarming these areas, which leads to more corruption and a higher crime rate. This then leads to another social problem created, a seemingly never ending dilemma. The only solution is to leave prostitution at the place it is at today. .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 , .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .postImageUrl , .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 , .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:hover , .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:visited , .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:active { border:0!important; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:active , .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7 .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uac9405da5211e852714050109dec8bd7:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Alexander The Great Essay It is not legal by any means, but the punishment is not overly harsh. There should be a ticket given to prostitutes for committing these acts. At the same time it should not be stopped because prostitution aids a bigger social problem, rape and sexual assault. It is true, prostitution satisfies the sexual needs of men which are not otherwise satisfied. If we took prostitution completely away we would just be beginning a greater social problem within itself. .

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Slow Walkers Essay Example

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